Progress to date, as told by photos:

April 2020 before the purchase was completed, a couple of quick shots of the "Luxor Heights" land before any logging or fire smarting for the property or the nearby properties.

Why not save some little cabins from getting torn down and have them hauled out to Luxor Heights? November of 2020. We didn't have a clear plan on where these cabins would go.... and we still don't. But eventually, we will figure it out- maybe on your lot?

In December of 2020, after two unsuccessful wells on the west 10.97 acre ALR subdivision lands, we finally hit water! This was a huge relief because the entire project was based on having individual wells and ground water in the area, and at that point the amount of ground water in the area was very untested and not known. So far it has proven to be good water, that does not requiring drilling too deep to find! We will try to forget about the first two unsuccessful wells! 

In March of 2021 the property was selectively logged, this opened up views and increased the wildfire safety of the property. In April of 2021, the nearby land owner began aggressive logging of the property surrounding Luxor Heights, further enhancing the fire safety.

Kelvin, willing to jump into a skid steer for a work photo! 

And it's a gusher! The well drilling on the Luxor Heights lands (east 21 acres) was much more successful compared to the west side of the highway (10.97 Acre ALR parcel)

Seven wells were drilled between the spring and fall of 2021, with only one unsuccessful well (which is also known as a really expensive dry hole).

Pictured here is the gusher, drilled in early October 2021. The only well not 'witched', Gerry chose the location in between some proven wells, this one is estimated to be over 50 gallons per minute! Located on Lot 2. With a high flow rate, the water cleaned up very quickly!

Foundation started late October 2021 for an exciting project on Lot 5!

Precast concrete wall panels were installed in almost a day in late October 2021, and this beautiful panabode cabin  was moved from Timber Ridge Windermere to Luxor Heights on December 22 2021.

One of the huge advantages to having a development without a building scheme is that it opens up the potential to do unique things, whether it is a 'house move' or placing a prefab home, modular home, or all kinds of unique options!

July 2022, roads cleared and graded, awaiting the beginning of road construction

Drone view of the Luxor Heights lands July 2022. Ready for pre-sale of lots!

Road Construction October 2022!

Finished Road November 2022

Phase 2 Wells Drilled, Septic Perc Test Done! 

Phase 2 Lots now Pre-Selling!